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Terrys Top Clean Carpet Cleaning cleaned our old carpets and when they finished I was so happy to see our old cream coloured carpets looking brand spanking new and stain free. They even smelt awesome. I can't recommend Terry highly enough, he obviously cares about doing a great job and his prices are very affordable. For the quality you get and the time he takes to make your carpets amazingly clean, they are probably too cheap!

Rowan & Dan - Wahroonga - March 2013

Terry is the only carpet cleaner I will use, he is reliable, a very nice man and he does a fabulous job on my carpets. A+ carpet cleaner, you won't find anyone better.

June L - St Ives - April 2013

If you want to make sure your carpets are done well, smell great and are stain free, Terry is The Man! Highly recommended!

Matt & Lisa - Manly Vale - June 2013

Spots & Stains on Carpet

The difference between a spot or a stain

A spot is a soiled or liquid that has been dropped on to the carpet and has settled on the carpet fiber and not penetrated the fiber. The spot can be generally removed by traditional cleaning methods, more on that later.

A stain is a soiled or liquid that has penetrated the carpet fiber, can propose more of a problem and you should be extremely cautious on what you use to try and eliminate it.

Each manufacture of carpet uses a different process when producing carpet, different chemicals and different dye formulas during the manufacture of carpet.

Using another foreign substance could react with what the manufacture has used.

I have read copious articles on stain removal suggesting products I myself would not even think of using, we always use industry standard spot and stain removers which have been tested.

Your carpet is a very expensive addition in your home, in normal circumstances would you pour Acetone - nail polish remover - WD40 - turpentine - mentholated sprits - vinegars - lighter fuel - dye stripper plus many many other reported stain removes onto your carpet or combinations of what has been mentioned. I do not think so, in times of necessity we are all looking for the quick fix when really caution should play the major roll.

I must stress at this time some substances will instantly stain our carpets on contact however professionals can in most cases lighten the appearance of the stain.

When a spillage has occurred use a white cloth that is absorbent to dab up the excess never rub, when transfer appears on cloth use fresh surface.

Some of the most common substances which are very difficult to eliminate are Inks - Coffee - Pet Urine - some Teas to name a few, if anyone tells you over the phone with out actually sighting the stain they can totally take it out please beware.

Pet urine is an acid, generally we find the stain after the event, if it is still damp you have a chance by mixing baking soda one tablespoon with warm water and spraying and dabbing the stain always use white cloth.

Coffee is used as a dye in some countries I think this speaks for itself, as I previously said it can be lightened with professional products and in some cases camouflaged, again with professional products.

With water based spillages I would suggest in the first instance firstly take up all the excess liquid by dabbing with absorbent white cloth.

Try some products we generally have in our homes such as soda water or one table spoon of baking soda diluted in one liter of warm water (mix well) and sprayed on where ever possible (never over wet the carpet) then Dab with a white cloth (never rub) with a blood stain always use a cold water mix.

With shop purchased spot removers always use ones with a low Ph and always pre-test in a none conspicuous spot before applying to stain, look for colour fading and bleaching on the carpet.

A good site to check out Ph levels is http://www.healthier-cleaning-products.com/pH-scale.html

For the best results after you have taken up all the excess you can call a professional

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Spots and Stains on Carpet
Spots & Stains on Carpet

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Terry's Top Clean - Sydney Carpet Cleaning Sydney wide - Quicker Drying and Cleaner Result.
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