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Terrys Top Clean Carpet Cleaning cleaned our old carpets and when they finished I was so happy to see our old cream coloured carpets looking brand spanking new and stain free. They even smelt awesome. I can't recommend Terry highly enough, he obviously cares about doing a great job and his prices are very affordable. For the quality you get and the time he takes to make your carpets amazingly clean, they are probably too cheap!

Rowan & Dan - Wahroonga - March 2013

Terry is the only carpet cleaner I will use, he is reliable, a very nice man and he does a fabulous job on my carpets. A+ carpet cleaner, you won't find anyone better.

June L - St Ives - April 2013

If you want to make sure your carpets are done well, smell great and are stain free, Terry is The Man! Highly recommended!

Matt & Lisa - Manly Vale - June 2013


Pet Urine Bacteria & Staining
How to deal with pet urine stains and smells on your carpet

The fluid penetrates the carpet fiber quickly. It creates an unhealthy environment in your home and becomes a breading ground for bacteria if not removed.

Pet urine if not treated does not leave the carpet it crystallises a humid or damp day can cause the crystals to reform and the pungent smell reappears.

If you are lucky enough to be there at the time of discharge and you have a wet dry Vac you can use warm water and the Vac to lift the Urine from the carpet however this will not completely resolve the problem you will also need a professional product that will kill off the bacteria which has gone deep into the carpet.

If you do not have a wet dry vac the other method is to use colour fast cloth and warm water, spray the water on and apply pressure with the cloth to lift the urine (rinse the cloth regularly) do not rub the area as this will cause damage to the carpet fiber.

Please beware if you apply too much water to the carpet and do not lift it out it can cause an other problem Cellulose Browning however in most cases a professional can reverse this.

In the original acid state the urine begins to oxidise and react with the carpet colour, immediately applying water reduces the severity of the stain and in most cases a professional can eliminate or reduce the stain further.

I must add in some cases the urine deposit will cause immediate staining to the material and dye structure of the carpet however a professional can reduce the appearance of the stain.

The many years I have been in this business have read many articles on the internet regarding pet urine stain removal, the mixtures quoted I would not try as it could cause more damage.

I have experimented with some of the shop purchased products that claim to remove the stains and have had no success.

The professional products I use to kill off the bacteria and address the staining, I have had great success with.

When the accident happens apply the water treatment as I have described above and then call me.

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